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Modern French cooking

French cuisine has traditionally had a global reputation for creating intricate and spectacular food using the finest of ingredients and techniques. In fact, French cuisine is extremely interesting both professional and amateur cooks as it represents some of the most challenging types of recipes for cooks. Alongside the precision and tradition of French cuisine, there is a growing movement of French chefs and cook who inject creativity and humor into their French dishes to achieve delicious and interesting takes on traditional dishes. This blog is all about modern French cooking and marries together traditional with the new French style to help inspire you to culinary heights.



Modern French cooking

    Why You Should Add Lolly Stations to Your Wedding Catering Business

    In recent years, lolly stations (also known as candy buffets) have become a very popular wedding catering addition. Alongside tasting great, they also add an eye-catching focal point to the reception and make an ideal substitute for traditional wedding favours. While there are many businesses out there that make these buffet bars their main business, lolly stations are also a great way for traditional caterers to expand their business. Here are three reasons why you should consider branching out into confectionery buffets.

    How to Make Richer Sauces

    In many types of cuisine, it is the sauce which makes a dish distinctive and rich. Think of Indian curries and the way in which rich sauces add to the flavour of recipes such as dopiaza and or rogan josh. Chinese dipping sauce is a favourite all over Australia as are the rich sauces which accompany pasta in Italian food. Of course, thin sauces have their place, too. For example, scotch broth is a famously this sauce.

    The History of Australia's Chinese Restaurants

    Chinese restaurants are a common sight in Australian cities, and everyone has their favourite. Even small towns typically have one or more. But most of us don't know much about their history: they're such a feature of the landscape that we assume they've been there forever. The history of Australia's Chinese restaurants is a fascinating glimpse at the history of the nation and its Chinese communities.  Gold rush beginnings Although there had been small numbers of Chinese immigrants in Australia since the late 18th century, the first large groups of Chinese workers began to arrive in the 1840s as indentured labourers following the end of convict labour.

    5 Spicy Seafood Dishes You Must Try

    If you love both seafood and spicy dishes, you don't have to stick to classic yet common dishes, such as prawn curry, when you go out to eat, especially if you're going to a restaurant that specialises in seafood. There are a number of specialty spicy seafood dishes available that offer unique flavour combinations and allow you the opportunity to broaden your palate while still enjoying some of your favourite ingredients.

    How to Feed a Lot of People on a Low Budget

    If you are hosting an event where people will be expecting something to eat, then the costs can soon spiral out of control. In order to keep a lid on your expenditure, the first thing you need to consider is whether professional help will be able to do the job cheaper for you than you can for yourself. Although professional catering firms will charge you, they are often able to bring savings as a result of economies of scale.

    Tips For Ordering At An Italian Restaurant When You're Vegan

    Some Italian restaurants are beginning to include vegan options on their menu, such as lentil ragu or pizza with dairy-free cheese. However, menus are still typically dominated with classic dishes containing animal products, such as lasagne al forno, seabass verde, pollo prosciutto and spaghetti carbonara. So, what are your options when you're vegan and enjoy the fresh flavours associated with Italian cuisine? Although committing to a vegan lifestyle can limit your options when eating out, being creative with the dishes on offer and utilising your server's knowledge of the restaurant's menu will allow you to enjoy an Italian meal without compromising your ethics.

    Why Individual Food Stations Are an Awesome Catering Idea for Your next Function

    Perhaps you're planning your next work function, or even your own wedding. There can be some trepidation when it comes to assembling a large group of people and having to feed them all, and this feeling is only natural. Sure, you might want to opt for a formal sit down meal, perhaps even with a buffet, and yet there's another way to make it an event to remember. Food stations are a wonderful way to keep all your guests happy when it comes to event catering.

    You Might Run into These problems on Your Potato Farm

    Very few vegetables can rock your world in the same that potatoes do. Whether you want to have them mashed, boiled, fried or simply eaten as skins, this delicacy will hardly disappoint. It is therefore no surprise that potatoes have a place in many food markets. You are certainly on the right track if you are planning to start a potato farm and supply your products to a readily available wholesaler.